19 November 2015

Stonehammer, Tumbler Ridge geoparks among sites with new UNESCO brand


By The Canadian Press


PARIS - A network of 120 geological attractions around the world, including two in Canada, have been rebranded as UNESCO Global Geoparks.


Stonehammer in southern New Brunswick and Tumbler Ridge in northeastern British Colombia are the Canadian members of the international group.


UNESCO Global Geoparks are areas with geological heritage of international significance. The sites "strive to raise awareness of geodiversity and promote protection, education and tourism best practices," UNESCO said.


Activities offered in Stonehammer, by operators such as New Brunswick Museum and Irving Nature Park, include hiking, rock climbing, geocaching, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and kayaking.


Tumbler Ridge experiences include driving tours, alpine hikes and visits to paleontological and archaeological sites.


There are geoparks in 33 countries. Recently they were concentrated in Europe and China, but in the last few years the geoparks initiative has spread worldwide, UNESCO said.